MAGDA: FOUNDER and co-owner

Magda's journey in the cannabis industry started in 2014 when she began working on her neighbor's cannabis farm. She occasionally used cannabis recreationally, however it wasn’t until she witnessed its powerful healing effects in action that she knew her involvement in the medical cannabis industry had a powerful destiny.

In early Spring 2014, Magda moved home to her mother's homestead ranch in the Santa Cruz mountains. Magda's mother was experiencing intense back pain, extreme fatigue and expressed how much she would enjoy some company.  Her symptoms began to worsen as the two went from chiropractor to osteopath to naturopath to solve the mystery of what was really going on with her body and biology. Within a few months they’d discovered the source of her discomfort:  Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. Despite the harsh reality of their circumstances, they chose powerfully to look at what treatment options were going to work best. Magda made fresh juice three times a day, and prepared healthy and nutritious meals regularly. Mother and daughter took road trips to the Sierras to breathe the fresh mountain air, and ventured down to Big Sur to view the beautiful California coastline.

One of the most challenging parts of that summer for both Magda and her mother was her mother’s physical pain. She endured intense aching in the middle of her back due to the 6 cm tumor that resided there. She had the option to take opiates, but opted out based on the way the drugs made her feel. Employing her knowledge of the beneficial effects of cannabis, Magda began delivering the medicine to her mother regularly. What worked best to ease her pain more than any other delivery method was using cannabis topically. Every evening Magda would rub cannabis CO2 oil directly on her mother's back. The product they had was messy and gooey, but it worked very effectively. Magda's mother's pain was eased and she got to not only experience relief from her symptoms, but an intimate connection and bonding through treatment with her daughter.

Magda's mother passed away on August 9th, 2014. With cannabis, Magda was able to make a difference with her mother, not only easing her pain, but sharing precious time with her before she left. Later that year Magda was introduced to the healing properties of essential oils, their terpenes, and potent chemical constituents. She was blown away by all the benefits even one single essential oil could offer. With an inquisitive mindset and knowledge of chemistry she began to learn about pairing the healing properties of cannabis and other ancient plant medicine. Her mother and their journey with cannabis became the igniting fire from which Magda launched Hälsa. The word ‘hälsa’ in Swedish means health. Health is what Hälsa is here to create and deliver to all human beings: radiant, vibrant, life-long health.

NICK: Co-owner

Nick has worked in cannabis cultivation for nearly ten years and maintains impeccable standards at Keoki, a non-profit mutual benefit farm. The farm is solar powered, organic, soil-grown, and rainwater irrigated. These well-nourished plants have been extracted to produce the best quality cannabis oil that Keoki infuses into Hälsa's essential oil roll-ons.

Nick is committed to personal and environmental health, and has been starting and running successful businesses for years. Through Keoki, Nick has assisted in bringing Hälsa's unique and innovative product successfully to market. As a high functioning businessman, Nick relies on topicals to provide relief without the psychoactive effect that could slow him down. Nick lives in Southern Humboldt, California and enjoys riding his dirt bike, practicing yoga, and going to the river with his beloved dog, Kona.


Rose: Director of sales and marketing

Rose grew up in Santa Cruz, California and attended Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York where she played DIII volleyball and majored in Environmental Studies. As an athlete, Rose has always valued integrity of the body and the mind. With mental and physical health as a top priority, her work at Hälsa is fueled by her commitment that all people have access to and receive the healing benefits of the plant kingdom.

After graduating college Rose moved to Southern Humboldt and went on to live and work in cannabis cultivation and farm management for over two years. In 2017 Rose switched tracks to work in a new part of the cannabis industry and joined Hälsa. Working at Hälsa allows her to connect directly with patients and advocate for the healing powers of cannabis and essential oils.

Having dealt with sports injuries: an ACL tear, overuse issues, and countless sprains and strains, Rose now incorporates topical cannabis into her health routine to deal with pain and inflammation, as well relaxation and recovery. She advocates strongly for transforming the conversation around cannabis from "drug" to "medicine," which, along with healthy eating and exercise, makes all the difference for the body and mind.  Rose currently lives in Santa Cruz, California and regularly practices yoga and does CrossFit, and loves swimming in the ocean.


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