Find out how Hälsa's Terpene Topicals are working for patients

"As an athlete it is important to me to use products that will not compromise any part of my health. Using Soothe for sore muscles and the occasional injury has made all the difference for my physical performance with no drawbacks." - Stephanie, 25

"I am so grateful I have found these topicals. The Soothe roll on has been extremely helpful with taking the edge off my migraines. Once I apply the blend I am instantly invigorated by the cooling and numbing affects of the peppermint. It has been very successful in offering relief for my migraines." - Melissa, 34

"Unwind has been my go to remedy for when I am feeling stressed and uptight. I use it almost everyday. I love the scent, instantly puts me into a sense of relaxation. Helps me fall asleep easily. Thank You!" - Michelle, 27

"I was skeptical when a friend offered me Soothe for a sore neck, but less that five minutes after I applied it my neck felt fine. Actually, better than fine -- it was warm and relaxed for hours!" - Aaron, 45

"Unwind is a key part of my bedtime ritual. I put it on my palms, soles of my feet feet, across my forehead, plus a dab under my nose for a lovely whiff of my favorite scent in the world: citrus blossoms. It does everything the name implies... I unwind into a calm evening and a beautiful sleep! Thank you, Hälsa!" - Anita, 62

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