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Push magazine

"PUSH Mag is a cannabis lifestyle magazine and quarterly journal designed to showcase the creative and inspiring aspects of the cannabis culture."

Click here to see Push's feature on Hälsa.

Culture magazine


Culture Magazine's mission is to "inform & entertain readers with the latest news and lifestyle trends of your state's medical cannabis culture."

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highway media

"During nearly two decades of covering cannabis, [Highway Media has] encountered thousands of inspiring individuals, groups and companies who had the integrity to stand by their beliefs, usually at great risk, sacrifice and hardship. They are the primary reason [Highway Media is] here at this moment and [Highway] consider[s] it a duty to tell their story so that history won’t forget their contributions during the corporataization of cannabis, a period in which many are trying to negate the pioneers and visionaries by branding them criminals and thus undeserving of participation. [Highway Media is] here to tell their truth."

Click here to see Highway Media's March/April edition featuring Hälsa.


dope magazine

"DOPE Magazine is your first source for Cannabis News. A cannabis lifestyle magazine unlike any other featuring news, strain reviews and concentrate reviews."

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